Fitting your Trailer Cuff on an open handle trailer coupler.




Locking an open handle trailer coupler when not coupled to a vehicle.





Open Handle Trailer Couplers:

  • Fit the TC Link through two chain links as demonstrated in the photographs. Ensure that the open side of the TC Link faces upward. We find that the fourth link on the bolted side of the Trailer Cuff and the third link on the other side of the chain works best.
  • Fit this closed loop over the handle of the trailer coupler with the TC Link on the vehicle’s side of the handle.
  • Fit Trailer Cuff around the neck of the tow ball and insert the padlock.
  • Lock the padlock through the last chain link.


Fitting it with the Trailer Cuff Ball

  • Click the Trailer Cuff Ball into the trailer coupler to secure the trailer when it is parked somewhere on its own.
  • Lock it into place with the Trailer Cuff as per the instructions above.
  • Remember, if you can slip it off, somebody else will be able to do so too. For fitting the Trailer Cuff onto the TC Ball, it may be necessary to use one less chain link on the loose side of the chain to ensure a secure fit.


Do's and don’ts:

  • Test that the Trailer Cuff is able to move freely on the tow ball with the chain locked tightly enough so that the trailer coupler is not able to dislodge from the tow ball.
  • Ensure that there are no kinks in the chain.
  • Ensure that the link closest to the welded bolt on the Trailer Cuff faces directly towards the trailer.


Please watch our User Tips video in the video section for more information.