What is Trailer Cuff?

Trailer Cuff is a unique safety and security device that makes it safer for you to tow and stow your trailer. More than 500 people die each year in the USA alone as a result of trailers that become unhooked while being towed. We do not know what the corresponding stats are for South Africa, but a lot of people seem to have stories of trailers parting ways with towing vehicles at inappropriate times.

Trailer Cuff also locks your trailer when it is standing on its own, so that nobody else is able to hook it onto their vehicle and disappear with it. 

Trailer Cuff has been designed to fit on all ball-and-socket type hitches used in South Africa (we have not come across a trailer on which it did not fit. In rare cases the chain may be too short in which case we will supply you a unit with a longer chain. To date this has not occurred).


What does Trailer Cuff do for you?

When used correctly Trailer Cuff does three things:

  • It prevents your trailer from becoming unhooked while you tow it.
  • It prevents people from stealing your trailer while it is attached to your tow vehicle.
  • It prevents people from stealing your trailer while it is parked on its own.


Does it hinder the movement of the trailer on the tow ball?

As seen on the videos, it does not hinder or restrict the movement of the coupler during normal driving and towing conditions. It allows for much more unrestricted movement than the 25-degree horizontal angle and 20-degree vertical angle set to trailer coupler manufacturers. We do however advise that you remove Trailer Cuff for extreme off-road 4x4 driving and other conditions in which you manoeuvre the trailer at extreme and awkward angles.


What is it made of?

Trailer Cuff is made of two 3CR12 base plates hinged at one end by a welded 10 mm stainless-steel bolt  and a 8 mm hardened and tempered alloy steel chain with a working load limit of 2 ton. The TC Link is laser cut out of 3CR12. Please see the product descriptions for more information.


How do you fit it?

There are two main categories of trailer couplers: closed loop trailer couplers and open handle trailer couplers. Please read the instructions in the relevant Menu on the top of the page and watch the User Tips video in the Video section.


How do you obtain a perfect fit for your specific trailer coupler?

There are many different types of couplers that require different lengths of chain to work optimally. Please read the two main sections on Open Handle Couplers and Closed Loop Couplers to get a basic idea of how to fit your Trailer Cuff. Now play around with various settings to see which fit works best for your coupler.


Where can you buy Trailer Cuff?

Online, Outdoor Warehouse and other selected retailers.