Trailer Cuff is a unique safety and security device that makes it safer for you to tow and stow your trailer.

- It prevents your trailer from becoming unhooked while you tow it. 

- It prevents people from stealing your trailer while it is attached to your tow vehicle.

- It prevents people from stealing your trailer while it is parked on its own.

 Safety + Security = Peace of Mind



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Oct 2020


We are very excited to launch our own Stainless Steel Trailer Cuff padlocks to complement our Trailer Cuff range. They are based on the design of high quality padlocks such as as Abloy using even better quality materials (stainless steel) and patented design technology.

We started testing by shackling them to a piece of chain of the Sea Point promenade in the inter tidal zone so that they were submerged at high tide, exposed at low tide and mercilessly pounded by the breaking waves for a couple of weeks. Then we asked some guys in the locksmith business to have a go at them with all of their specialised lock picking & lock bashing equipment and then we asked some people in the padlock business to cut one open and tell us what they thought of it. The padlocks came out with flying colours on all accounts.

Read more about the different size padlocks in the respective link on the Shop page.



Trailer Cuff has been announced as one of the Top 10 winners in the 2016 Santam Safety Innovation Challenge.





We are stoked to have won the award for the Best Overland Gear & Accessory 2016 at the Cape Getaway show!